wireless Modbus-to-Modbus bridge
replacement for RS485 wiring
Modbus RTU serial protocol
wired/wireless combinations
very long range, no hopping
protected private connection
multiple slaves per device
multiple addressable groups

Technical specifications

Baudrate2400, 9600, 19200, 38400
Data bits & parity8n1, 7e1, 8e1, 8n2
Message size64 bytes max
Galvanic isolation4kV RS485 to mains (SELV)
Termination resistor240 Ohm internal, always on

Frequency bandISM 868MHz (EU)
SubbandL 866.8MHz, 25mW, 1% utility
ModulationFSK 38.4kbps 80kHz bandwidth
Listen before talkyes, limited delay 20ms
Group address32-bit, automatically generated
Connection time10s power-on to network ready
Message delay5..20ms, depending on size
Output power25mW
Operating range3..300m with optical visibility

Power supply230V, 50..60Hz, 1W
Operating conditions-20..+50°C, 0..85% rh nc
Storage temperature-40..+85°C
Dimensions93x45x27mm, 86mm antenna
Degree of protectionIP20
StandardsEN60730-1, EN300-220, ERC-REC-70-03-h1.2


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