IEX-2 string monitor module
10 currents, voltage, PV reference, temperature sensor, surge protector and disconnector monitoring inputs, 4x binary input, 4x relay output

Technical specifications

DC voltage1000V max.
Measurement0..1100V range, ±0.5% accuracy
DC current for each string10A nominal, 12A max. or 20A nominal, 22A max
Current measurement0..12A range or 0..22A, ±0.5% accuracy
Measurement period2s (100kbps), 4s (50kbps) or 10s (20kbps)
Power loss for each string1.2W typ. (1mohm clamp + 7mohm fuse + 2mohm shunt + 2mohm track = 12mohm)
Connectioncage clamps
faston/MC3/MC4/custom connectors (option)
Cable cross section1.5..16mm2 (16..6 AWG)
Overvoltage protectionSPD 1kV (4kV max.), protection level type 2
Fuseyes, each input

DC voltage1000V max.
DC current100A or 200A @ 55°C

Communication Cable
Type2 x 0.5..2.5mm2 shielded twisted pair (24V power supply)
2 x 0.25..0.75mm2 shielded twisted pair (CAN/IEX-2 communication)
Length1000m max.
Connection2x4 pole cage clamps, orange, PCB mounted, 2.5mm2 connectors
(one for incoming and one for outgoing cable), shield grounded
Terminationinternal, 120ohm on last device (manually activated by mini-switch)

Control Circuit
Power supply24V (18..26V)
Power consumption50mA typ. (24V, P+N version, relay 4x off, LED off)
120mA max. (24V, P+N version, relay 4x on, LED on)
Withstanding voltage5kV AC RMS 50Hz 3 seconds
8kV 1.2us/50us pulse
Lacquer finish15kV/mm
Creepage distance10mm
PCB flammability ratingUL94-V0
CommunicationIEX-2/CAN, 100/50/20kbps, autoselect
Fuse control statusyes, 25V typ. failure detection level
Overvoltage protection statusyes
Internal temp. measurementyes, -50..+100°C, ±0.5°C accuracy
External temp. measurementyes, -50..+100°C, ±0.5°C accuracy, digital sensor, cable length up to 20m
Photovoltaic reference cellyes, 0..10V, 1000..1400W/m2, ±0.5% accuracy, 24V power supply
Anti-theft protectionyes, close-circuit tamper wire
General-purpose inputs4 analog/digital inputs, 0..10V or contact (internal pull-up 12V/2mA)
General-purpose outputs4 relay outputs 5A/250V
Operating conditions-25..+55°C, 0..95% rh non-condensing
Dimensions196 x 185 x 40mm (WxHxD)

StandardsEN 50178, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4


Order code

Order code
Left module 10A
Right module 10A
Left module 20A
Right module 20A
Left module NED
Right module NED
Left module NED2