light controller
10 relay outputs

Technical specifications

Output power per relay:
- incadescent / halogen 230V800W
- halogen 12V with transformer400W
- LED with transformer or compact400W
- fluorescent with electronic ballast400W
- parallel compensated fluo lamps250W/30uF
- electric heater (any resistive load)1400W
Expected contact life:20000 (100% load)
100000 (50% load)
Total output power all channels (mk1):4000W
Total output power per group (mk2):2800W
Maximum length of input cable:50m

Power supply:24V 120mA
Ingress protection:IP20
Operating temperature:0..45°C
Storage temperature:-20..75°C
Relative humidity:0..95% n/c
Standards:EN 60730-1


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