IEX-2 module, fan-coil controller
1 analog output 0..10V (fan speed)
2 relay outputs 5A (valve)
1 binary/analog input
2 temperature sensor inputs

Technical specifications

Input typedry contact, internal pull-up 12V 2mA
analog input 0..10V (10 bit, 0..1023)
Output type0..10V 10mA (7 bit, 0..100%)
relay 5A/250VAC resistive
External temperature sensorES-P, ES-B or ES-W

Power supply24V (18..28V), 100mA
(25mA+15mA*number of active outputs)
Galvanic isolation4kV between internal circuit and relay contacts

Degree of protectionIP20
Operating conditions0..45°C, 0..95% rh non-condensing
Storage temperature-20..75°C
Mountinginside the fan coil unit
StandardsEN 60730-1


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