10.43 MB 2017-04-03
HIQ Configurator is a software tool for setting HIQ Home system. It can be used to configure timers, inputs, scene, heating, cooling, timetable, automation, alarm and other. Package also contains HIQ Timeplot (temperature, activity and energy graph), HIQ View (template for custom applications), HIQ Simulator (start applicatio... morens without the actual hardware), and user manual. Configurator is MS Windows application for the local network, remote operation is not supported.


10.86 MB 2019-03-18

Fully featured, integrated development environment for Cybro-3 controllers, including text editor, compiler and on-line monitor.


3.91 MB 2018-12-05

Fully featured integrated development environment for Cybro-2 controllers, including text editor, compiler and on-line monitor.


14.12 MB 2018-11-10

Visualization for Cybro controllers. Screen layout is defined by xml configuration and png image files.


3.31 MB 2019-03-14

OPC Server enables clients access to CyBro controllers and attached IEX-2 modules.


315.77 KB 2018-09-03

Command line application for reading/writing CyBro variables by name. Request is given in command line, result is returned in XML format. It can also autodetect controllers in local network. Works in a local network only. Internet access and direct connection are not supported.


53.03 KB 2017-01-20

Communication server for reading and writing CyBro variables by name. It works both in a local network and over the internet. Written in Python, it can run on both Windows and Linux systems.


1.57 MB 2018-08-31

Comunication interface for reading/writing CyBro variables by name. Request is packed in HTTP URL, result is returned in XML format. Works in a local network only.


864.84 KB 2017-01-20

Application for testing a network of CyBro controllers, and reading/writing to a predefined set of variables (configuration). It can also be used to adjust RTC. Server works in a local network, or in direct connection. Internet access is not supported.


745.68 KB 2018-09-14

CyBroRelay is A-bus communication relay - it makes remote controllers available as they are in local network, in order to connect CyBroMiniScada and other tools.


415.92 KB 2018-09-11

Utility to update kernel and plc program, given in binary form. Also able to set NAD alias, hardware model, IEX baudrate, IP address, Modbus ID, and dump controller memory. Works in local network, including direct connection. Internet connection is not supported.


1.04 MB 2017-03-22

Utility used to update IEX firmware and change network address. It works in local network and direct connection. Internet connection is not supported.


708.95 KB 2017-01-20

Utility used to update IEX firmware and manage network address. Connected directly to bus using USB-to-CAN adapter. Primary intended for firmware developers.


1.22 MB 2017-01-20

CyBroBackup is used to backup/restore complete CyBro project. Backup includes kernel, plc program and variables. EE, retentive or any random selection of variables can be selectively restored. It works in local network, or directly connected to CyBro. Internet access and serial connection are not supported.


1.01 MB 2017-01-20

Simple data logger for CyBro controllers. Configuration is defined with CyBroKissLogger.ini file. Data is saved in text format, csv or txt. Both periodical and alarm/event reading is supported. Works only in a local network.


700.14 KB 2017-01-20

CyBroAccess application is part of CyBro access control solution. Typical usage is hotel reception desk, but it may be used in other access control applications as well. Basically, it is used to manage allowance tables, stored in controllers.


708.47 KB 2017-01-20

CyBroScheduler executes a given task at predefined time. Task is entered at specific day, and has begin time and end time, associated with begin action and end action. Action basically means setting one or more CyBro variables.