String monitor: 8/16/24 currents, voltage, PV reference, temperature sensor, surge protector and disconnector monitoring inputs, 2x binary output


Technical specifications
String input8x 1000V 24A
Reference cell input1x
Ambient temperature input1x
Current measurement8x
Voltage measurement1x
Internal temperature measurement+
Power supply monitor+
Measurement status+
Communication status+
Bus quality monitor+
Status and ID LEDs+
CAN/IEX-2 connection2x
Interchangeable in/out CAN/IEX-2
Power supply24V 0.6W
Input current0..24A ±0.5%
Line voltage0..1000V ±0.5%
Insolation0..1000W/m2 ±0.5%
Temperature-50..+100°C ±0.5°C
Power supply0..40V, 0..2A
Inputsat lug/ring crimp terminals (M4)
Power loss1.5W per input (without fuse)
Power supply24V (18..26V)
Power consumption25mA typ. at 24V
Operating conditions-25..+55°C, 0..95% rh non-condensing
Power supply cable2x2.5mm2 shielded
Communication cable2x0.5mm2 shielded
CAN/IEX-2at 100/50/20kbps, autoselect
Dimensions156x138x25mm (WxHxD)
StandardsEN 50178, EN 61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4



Order code
SMB-PCB-8 mastermaster module
SMB-PCB-8 slaveslave module