String monitor: 10 currents, voltage, PV reference, temperature sensor, surge protector and disconnector monitoring inputs, 4x binary input, 4x relay output


Technical specifications
DC voltage1000V max.
Measurement0..1100V range, ±0.5% accuracy
DC current for each string10A nominal, 12A max. or 20A nominal, 22A max
Current measurement0..12A range or 0..22A, ±0.5% accuracy
Measurement period2s (100kbps), 4s (50kbps) or 10s (20kbps)
Power loss for each string1.2W typ. (1mohm clamp + 7mohm fuse + 2mohm shunt + 2mohm track = 12mohm)
Connectioncage clamps
Cable cross section1.5..16mm2 (16..6 AWG)
Overvoltage protectionSPD 1kV (4kV max.), protection level type 2
Fuseyes, each input
DC voltage1000V max.
DC current100A or 200A @ 55°C
Communication Cable
Type2 x 0.5..2.5mm2 shielded twisted pair (24V power supply)
2 x 0.25..0.75mm2 shielded twisted pair (CAN/IEX-2 communication)
Length1000m max. (check "Connecting" section for limitations and details)
Connection2x4 pole cage clamps, orange, PCB mounted, 2.5mm2 connectors
(one for incoming and one for outgoing cable), shield grounded
Terminationinternal, 120ohm on last device (manually activated by mini-switch)
Control Circuit
Power supply24V (18..26V)
Power consumption50mA typ. (24V, P+N version, relay 4x off, LED off)
120mA max. (24V, P+N version, relay 4x on, LED on)
Withstanding voltage5kV AC RMS 50Hz 3 seconds
8kV 1.2us/50us pulse
Lacquer finish15kV/mm
Creepage distance10mm
PCB flammability ratingUL94-V0
CommunicationIEX-2/CAN, 100/50/20kbps, autoselect
Fuse control statusyes, 25V typ. failure detection level
Overvoltage protection statusyes
Internal temp. measurementyes, -50..+100°C, ±0.5°C accuracy
External temp. measurementyes, -50..+100°C, ±0.5°C accuracy, digital sensor, cable length up to 20m
Photovoltaic reference cellyes, 0..10V, 1000..1400W/m2, ±0.5% accuracy, 24V power supply
Anti-theft protectionyes, close-circuit tamper wire
General-purpose inputs4 analog/digital inputs, 0..10V or contact (internal pull-up 12V/2mA)
General-purpose outputs4 relay outputs 5A/250V
Operating conditions-25..+55°C, 0..95% rh non-condensing
Dimensions196 x 185 x 40mm (WxHxD)
StandardsEN 50178, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4



Order code
Left module 10A
Right module 10A
Left module 20A
Right module 20A
Left module NED
Right module NED
Left module NED2