programmable controller
12 opto-coupler inputs 24V
10 relay outputs 8A
4 universal input/outputs
Ethernet, USB, IEX-2, 2x RS-232
24V DC power supply

Dashboard presents new Cybro-3 features, and provide a quick test for both software and hardware components of the controller. It is a part of CyPro package, located in /CyPro-3/Examples/CybroDashboard/.

Technical specifications

System clock100MHz
Instruction execution10ns per instruction
Program memory896Kb for user program
Data memory64Kb for user variables
Data retention7 days
RTC accuracytyp. ±2 sec per day at 25°C
Digital input (ix00..ix11)24V 7mA, opto isolated, bidirectional
Digital input (ix12..ix15)dry contact, internal pull-up 12V 3mA
Digital output (qx00..qx09)relay 8A/250VAC or 8A/30VDC resistive
Digital output (qx12..qx15)NPN transistor 30V 1A
IEX-2 bus load48 modules (Cybro + 47 IEX-2)
IEX-2 baud rate20, 50, 100 (default), 250, 500kbps
IEX-2 galvanic isolationnone
IEX-2 cable length, 100kbps100m (non-terminated)
IEX-2 cable length, 100kbps300m (terminated)
IEX-2 cable length, 50kbps500m (terminated)
Power supply24V (18..28V)
Power consumption50mA (no load), 180mA (10 relays, 4x 10Vout)
Power output (IEX-2)24V 2A (limited by resettable fuse)
Operating conditions0..50°C, 0..85% rh non-condensing
MountingDIN rail (35mm)
Degree of protectionIP20
Installation categoryIII
Level of ambient pollution2
StandardsEN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-201, EN 61131-2


Order code

Cybro-3-2424V power supply