CyBro-1, direct ancestor of CyBro-2 and later
controllers. Construction is similar, but peripheral
bus is I²C instead of CAN. Bus length is limited to
a few meters, leaving many interesting applications
(literally) out of reach.

One of the first CyBro-1 hand-made prototypes.

MicroPLC is a former generation of miniature PLC.
Single board, book sized controller with DOS compiler.

MicroPLC interior: 80C51 CPU in DIL40 socket,
27C32 EPROM with sticker-sealed window (uPLC v3.4 t24),
28C64 EEPROM and a handful of good old TTL gates.

The first PLC generation. Rack system, vertical
slots with power supply, CPU and I/O modules.
Had a fully functional compiler, written in Turbo
Pascal and running on IBM XT computer.

Pico P-208, CyBro controller with integrated
keyboard and display. Based on single-board
“A” module.

CyBro-2G, controller with integrated 320×200
graphical blue/white display and rotary encoder.

We are trully amazed to see what our customers
did with our products. That is control screen of
Epipack (c) VelociWraptor spinner machine.