CyBro-1, direct CyBro-2 ancestor. Generally similar
construction, the biggest difference is peripherals
bus, I²C instead of CAN. Maximum bus length was
limited to a few meters, leaving many interesting
applications way out of reach.

Going further into the past, this is one of the first
CyBro-1 hand-made prototypes.

First functional CyBro controller, with integrated
keyboard and display. It was called Pico P-208,
nobody knows why.

MicroPLC – a former PLC generation, few years
older than CyBro.

MicroPLC interior: 80C51 CPU in DIL40 socket,
27C32 EPROM with sticker-sealed window (uPLC v3.4 t24),
28C64 EEPROM and a handful of good old TTL gates.

That was really the begining – the first PLC
generation, circa 1988. Together with a fully
functional DOS compiler, written in Turbo Pascal.

History is full of surprizes – this is a CyBro integrated
with a 320×200 monochrome graphical display.

We are trully amazed to see what our customers did
with our products. That is control screen of a spinner machine.