This instruction is here to help customer report a problem with Cybro system. Better reports lead to a faster response and increased chance to solve the problem.

Software problem

Isolate the problem first. Find the exact line which causes the problem. Comment part by part, line by line, until code that causes the problem is found. Manufacturer is not expected to inspect or analyses user program.

Alternatively, revert to last known good version. Try empty program.

Update system software (CyPro, kernel, firmware). Check History.txt to make sure the problem is not already documented. Support is provided only for the latest software and firmware version.

Hardware problem

Check status LEDs, power supply, cables and connectors. If possible, replace device with a new one, to see whether the problem still exists.

Use Dashboard (CyPro/Examples) to self-test the controller. It will check most internal and input/output components. If error is detected, send controller to service.

Reproduce problem

If the problem can’t be reproduced, there is little chance it will ever be resolved. Run actions you normally do, until you find chain of events which causes the unexpected behavior. Once you got it, skip some until you come down with the minimum number of steps needed to produce the problem.

Also find the simplest action needed to get controller back into normal state:

– plug Ethernet in/out
– run/stop the program
– turn power supply on/off
– send program again
– initialize retentive variables
– send kernel again

Write report

Send report to Start subject with “Bug report:”, use a short descriptive title.

Describe your system in as many details as possible: hardware, software, order code, serial number, software version, connections…

Describe what you expect to happen, and what actually happens. Attach any screenshot, video, network log or other file you have.

Send as simple as possible demo project by which unexpected behavior is visible.

If you have a workaround, describe it shortly. Report multiple issues separately.

Back up the user program and data before sending the device to service. Device sent to service is returned with empty program. Request explicitly if you want to keep the original application. Depending on the failure type, that may not always be possible. Mark if urgent.