HIQ Home

HIQ Home is a smart home system covering lights, blinds, heating, cooling and many other devices. Features include patented automatic light, event-based automation, timetable, energy management, temperature plot and security alarm.

HIQ is truly out-of-the-box solution, no programming is needed. Installation must be performed by a certified electrician. Configuration is done by the end user, no expert knowledge is required. System can be customized, expanded and connected to a number of third party devices.

HIQ is optimized for new and renovation houses. We deliver control devices; customer is free to select switches, heating and cooling system, venatilation and actuators.

Dollhouse demo

This demo presents features of HIQ Home system. All hardware and software are real, except the house is actually a dollhouse.

As user, you should install HIQ Commander application on your phone. Select Demo mode (currently Android only), wait a second until connected, then play around a little bit. You can control each light individually, or use scene to set all at once. Heating elements are also avaialable.

Result of your operation is captured by the installed camera, and displayed in the frame below. Depending on number of users and internet speed, picture may lag a few seconds.

demo mode

HIQ devices used in this demo are light controller, RGB dimmer, two thermostats and master controller. Devices are installed in dollhouse base, wihout housing. Total consumption is about 10W, but readout is scaled-up to accomodate the real situation.

Unlike all other accounts, this demo is open to public, so it skips standard authentification process.

If other users are checking the demo at the same time, you may experience lights going on and off by itself. Number of users is limited only by the available bandwidth. Object on the last page show total number of clicks.

dollhouse devices