Cybrotech is UK based, medium size enterprise with a network of offices, partners and distributors across the world. Founded in 1987, we acquired almost three decades of experience in developing and producing devices for measurement, control and automation, with the emphasis on networking. The system is built around the CyBro programmable controller.

Products are developed in-house and produced in the EU, ensuring the best quality and support. We also offer customized products with short development times at affordable prices.

We rely on open and widely used protocols to ensure maximum compatibility and believe that automation is all about getting different products working together. We are committed to never deliver crippled or unnaturally limited products or profit from selling unreasonably priced ‘upgrades’, cables or whatever, so it is a fair play.

Development tools are free of charge and can be downloaded from our website. The technology and complete solutions, from the sensor to the web, are provided by the same company. The use of the latest technology enables us to be fast and agile.

Partners all over the world are welcome as:

  • system integrators for providing CyBro based solutions in fields of industrial and building automation
  • manufacturers of electrical devices who would like to incorporate the CyBro technology in their products
  • all others, who would like to use our products to create a great new value

They will all enjoy modern and stable products, personal service and the best price-performance ratio.